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Hornsey Consulting Ltd draws from the founder, Ali Rogan's 25 years’ marketing and external affairs experience and 12 years’ Director experience, working in a variety of industries including 14 years with partners in the care, charity, health, housing, local government and technology sectors and 7 years in telecommunications.

What we will bring


Ali Rogan has been living and breathing the changing health, care, housing and technology landscape for over a decade and keeps a close eye on what is happening across the market and politically - nationally, regionally but importantly how this is affecting the day to day challenges of older people and those with long term needs

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The founder believes in supporting the wider industry grow in order for the citizen to benefit. By chairing Alzheimer’s Society DFT (Dementia Friendly Technology) task and finish group as part of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge, and the wider “Home Services” thematic group, Ali Rogan is used to pulling networks together in order to understand and deliver on issues

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Vice Chair of techUK’s Health and Social Care Council and active contributor the their Internet of Things Council and the Dementia Housing Working Group. Using fresh approaches to strategic thinking, this enables the latest topics to be debated and work groups created to solve the challenges faced

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Good links with current and former policy makers across shadow and government and close working with the voluntary sector, housing sector, social care, DH, NHS England and wider influencers, ensures messages are heard, whilst endeavouring to be innovative, inventive and resourceful when seeking the best way forward

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What We Do

Hornsey Consulting Ltd has been founded to support organisations grow by...

  • External

    External affairs

    • understanding and helping shape government policy at national and local level
    • identifying the right people to influence in order to improve profile and standing in competitive markets
    • support in changing models of care delivery in a complex market
  • Business Planning

    Business planning

    • helping to define business strategy, key messages, competitive positioning, market segmentation, valuation maximisation and growth opportunities
    • understanding market opportunity or needs based research
    • facilitating/chairing workshops/focus groups, bespoke training
  •  Strategic Communication

    Strategic communications

    • improving profile through brand awareness and thought leadership
    • shaping or directing existing business development/marketing teams
    • utilising the right marketing mix at a strategic level
    • understanding how technology enabled care can help your business thrive
  • Sector Knowledge

    Sector knowledge

    • Health, housing, social care
    • Technology - telecare, digital health, TECS, IoT, connected home, SME
    • National policy, public sector, voluntary sector
    • Ageing, dementia, disabilities

Why Choose Hornsey Consulting?

  • you realise you can’t just keep delivering services in the way you always have and need some support in changing models of care delivery in a complex market
  • you can’t afford corporate consultants to help shape your offer to maximise your ROI but need help in defining your business strategy, key messages, competitive positioning, market segmentation and growth opportunities
  • you can’t afford to recruit a Public Affairs agency at London prices, but would like help to shape and influence policy and identify the right people to influence in order to improve your profile and standing in the competitive market in which you operate
  • you haven’t the time to research the market but want someone with hands on, up to date expertise to help shape or direct your existing business development/marketing efforts and training programme
  • you would like to understand how technology enabled care can help your business thrive

“It’s about truly understanding the audience, the capabilities of the current team, the direction of the business plan and working hard to deliver on some specific KPIs to solve the problems faced.”

“I’ve made it my job to find people who are influential and relevant. I know how to build a network. I’ve been doing it for over 14 years.”
Ali Rogan, Founder & Director, Hornsey Consulting Ltd


Recent publications list

Dementia Friendly Technology Charter

Alzheimer’s Society
As chair of the task and finish group for dementia friendly technology, we produced a charter with two very important aims

  • Enable every person with dementia to have the opportunity to benefit from technology appropriate to their needs
  • To enable and encourage high level principals and best practice for those organisations providing services to people with dementia
Dementia Friendly Technology Charter

Keeping the NHS Great - Delivering Technology Care Enabled Services

Ali Rogan joint author with Good Governance Institute

Download here

  • Discussion paper looks at the benefits of integrating care services through the use of technology, the existing evidence base, the barriers to deployment of technology enabled care services (TECS) and the emerging recommendations for policy makers.

Keeping the NHS Great - Delivering Technology Care Enabled Services

Unleashing the power of digital communications – white paper exploring the power of technology-enabled housing with care

Ali Rogan author supported by Housing LIN

Download here

  • This white paper looks at how technology may be used to support the ambitions of delivering first class housing, care and support. It summarises the results from an online survey and lively workshop held with the South West Housing LIN leadership set.

Unleashing the power of digital communications – white paper exploring the power of technology-enabled housing with care

Personal Digital Care

Ali Rogan joint author with techUK

Download here

Paper demonstrates how Personal Digital Care

  • Enables independence and wellbeing
  • Promotes self-care
  • Reduces pressures on health and care system, creating efficiencies/wealth
Personal Digital Care

ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) Guide to Supporting Carers through technology enabled care services

Ali Rogan author supported by ADASS Carers Policy Network

Download here

As well as describing the different ways technology can help, it covers top 5 things we need to challenge when looking at technology enabled care to help support carers

ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) Guide to Supporting Carers through technology enabled care services

Housing LIN Technology enabled housing with care Scenarios

Ali Rogan author supported by South West Housing LIN leadership set

Download here

Sets out SW Housing LIN’s shared learning across the region.

  • Describes a series of scenarios to demonstrate the improved outcomes from incorporating technology into the housing solution for different individual circumstances.
Housing LIN Technology enabled housing with care Scenarios


Think big but remember first impressions

January 21, 2019

This week I was reminded about the importance of first impressions. As my 17 year old had a work interview and subsequent induction, I drilled into him the importance of the first impression – to look…

Time flies when you’re having fun

January 16, 2018

Well I’m into year two, quarter two and after a successful year of trading, I look back and wonder where the time has gone!

We need to re-engineer society when it comes to Autism

October 20, 2017

Ali Rogan, External Affairs Advisor to Tunstall, blogs about Chris Packham’s inspiring and humbling “Asperger’s and Me” BBC programme and how it has helped make him who he is today

Can we have more “T” please?

July 3, 2017

Ali Rogan, Vice Chair of techUK’s Health and Social Care Council discusses the main themes from a recent roundtable put together by the newly formed STP Working Group

How to become an expert juggler

February 14, 2017

It happens to be my nephew’s 17th birthday today and he is the best juggler I know. He can juggle anything, all at the same time, including fire torches – scaring us all to death.

Digital Technology and Dementia – let’s not get too excited by shiny new gadgets!

August 10, 2016

Today we welcomed a visitor from the Alzheimer’s Society to see the Tunstall Response centre and Innovations Centre. The order of the visit is very deliberate and whilst the Innovations Centre does…

The benefits to carers from technology is considerable...but awareness is painfully low

July 1, 2016

ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) has a long-held commitment to supporting carers and contributing to the development of support and services which enhance the quality of life…

Personal Digital Care – a carer’s lifeline

June 8, 2016

At the end of last year, techUK launched Personal Digital Care – using technology enabled care to transform our nation’s health and create UK wealth. It came at a crucial time in the run up to the…

So what about technology enabled care in America?

April 26, 2016

Continuing my theme of statistics from my previous blog, gleaned from my trip to the Boomers Summit and Aging in America events in Washington, here’s some related to technology specifically: • Over…

Caregiving – I’m not a baby boomer or a millennial – where does that leave me?

April 11, 2016

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time in Washington and New York recently, finding out about the American aging and technology market. This is the first of three blogs focused on the US – I…

Housing providers are so innovative – let’s prove it

March 10, 2016

Here I describe the thinking around a new Housing LIN paper launched today, which brings to life the many ways in which technology can be used to underpin the delivery of improved housing with care in…

Are home care visits long enough?

September 29, 2015

Last week NICE published new guidance on “Home Care: delivering personal care and practical support to older people living in their own homes”. The media has focussed on a key point about home care…

7 day access – let’s think differently

September 15, 2015

Last week I spoke at the Westminster Health Forum on “The future for 7-day NHS services in primary and secondary care settings”. My presentation was a topic close to my heart – Utilising technology to…

It will be great when it’s finished

May 15, 2015

Alison RoganSomeone told me that’s what they say about Brussels. On my first trip this week, I could see where they were coming from – cranes in the sky, building sites, road blocks and dust. However…

Is digital the new black? Technology-enabled housing with care - why aren't we further ahead?

March 17, 2015

This blog outlines how technology is a fantastic support to integrating housing with health and care delivery and providing a better quality of life to residents and discusses the current challenges…

The arts come to Tunstall – bringing colour and shade to the subject of dementia

February 24, 2015

This week we have been very lucky at Tunstall. Doncaster Community Arts (Darts) gave two performances of their play Unlocking Dementia which has been devised by speaking with people living with…

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  • I have worked with Ali Rogan for a number of years on many projects. Ali has a profound understanding of the health and social care arena and the way that digital communications technology can improve the experience and outcomes of patients and service users, at every point in their care trajectory.

    Dr Adrian Heald, Consultant Physician, NHS; Research Fellow, Manchester University; Medical Director, Good Governance Institute; Visiting Fellow, St. Peter's College, Oxford
  • Ali really understands her field. She is well respected with reason, as she has a strong knowledge base, works extremely hard and is a skilled communicator. She has an eye for detail and an insistence on quality. She is enjoyable to work with and a great team player.

    Andrew Corbett Nolan, CE Good Governance Institute
  • I would not hesitate to recommend Ali to any organisation looking for drive and commitment in its external affairs arena. She will make things happen and drive the business to support what is required.

    Simon Arnold , Chief Customer Officer, Tunstall Healthcare Group
  • Very pleased we are not losing Ali’s valuable experience! Ali thank you for all your help across the miles from Oz over the years. Best wishes for the future and it’s very good to know that you won’t be far away.

    Lyn Davies, Managing Director, Tunstall Healthcare Asia Pacific
  • I was so happy to hear that you are taking the leap and starting your own company. You are so well connected with all of the players in the senior markets, a Key Opinion Leader. Lucky for us, you have already committed to working with us.

    Allison Frazer, Director of Marketing, Tunstall Americas
  • Sad to hear you leave but happy for you about starting your own business!! Moreover, you will be partially with us, which is full good news!

    Abel Delgado, Managing Director, Tunstall Televida (Spain)

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