Why choose us?

Your business is at a transition (a new CE/MD, new owners).

You have an ambitious growth trajectory and need help to realign, build and consolidate your external presence in the market. As a matter of fact, this often leads to supporting internal audiences also.

You often need business/market expertise to challenge and to build a strategic comms and marketing capability.

Your marketing resource is often junior and deals with the day to day transactional work or non-existent.

You realise you can’t just keep delivering services in the way you always have and need some support in changing models of care delivery in a complex market.

You can’t afford corporate consultants to help shape your offer to maximise your ROI but need help in defining your business strategy, key messages, competitive positioning, market segmentation and growth opportunities.

You can’t afford to recruit a Public Affairs agency at London prices, but would like help to shape and influence policy and identify the right people to influence in order to improve your profile and standing in the competitive market in which you operate.

You haven’t the time to research the market but want someone with hands on, up to date expertise to help shape or direct your existing business development/marketing efforts and training programme.

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Our Strengths


The founder is currently leading the marketing and external affairs function and closely supporting business development opportunities for several different businesses, stepping in where no or limited marketing/business development resource is available in house or where the team is very junior. Working with the senior teams to create value propositions, branding, key messaging and developing influencing strategies, as well as opening doors from within her network, the founder is positively supporting business growth.

Track record

This consultancy draws from the founder’s 25+ years marketing and external affairs experience, working in a variety of industries including partners in the charity, health, housing, local government, care and technology sectors and telecommunications. She is external affairs advisor to the largest independent community provider of MSK (musculoskeletal) physiotherapy services, primary care provider, digital health and care developer.


The founder has previously worked with policy makers across shadow and current government and works closely with the voluntary sector, housing sector, social care, NHS Digital, DH, NHS England, ADASS and wider influencers. The founder has been Vice Chair of techUK’s Health and Social Care Council, co-chair of the techUK Integrating Services working group and member of IOT council. She is an active expert assessor for Innovate UK. She is a founding member of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge, leading their home services stream and sits on the Grant Advisory Board at Alzheimer’s Society.


The founder has been living and breathing the changing health, housing, care and technology landscape and keeps a close eye on what is happening across the market and politically – nationally, regionally but importantly how this is affecting the day to day challenges of older people and those with long term needs.

Fresh thinking

The founder is a committed strategic thinker with a level headed approach to challenges, strong work ethic and successful decision maker, whilst endeavouring to be innovative, inventive and resourceful when seeking the best way forward.

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