Case Study

Kemuri was founded with a vision of helping older people to live independently by daily unobtrusive monitoring without changing their daily routines



The client needed support to garner traction in the market to enable people to live longer and safer at home. They were interested in understanding how we could help, based on the owner’s 14 years’ experience in the sector.

What we did

Strategy insights session led to the development of full market report highlighting the challenges and barriers of wide-stream adoption of TECS, opportunities, key stakeholder mapping, value proposition development.






Managing demand is key to
delivering services
within a reduced budget and
that’s where Kemuri comes in.


Dierdre lives alone with no family
support. Kemuri was able to
support the avoidance of and
emergency hospital admission.







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“I am most impressed by your speed of response and your insight into the challenges we face. There’s so much you can contribute to our business development strategy. Your opinion is most valuable and we will be acting upon it. Your market report is the basis for our marketing and sales scale-up.”

Dr Leonard Anderson, Founder, Kemuri

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